Lowering Springs Z11 2007 Cube ?
  • Hi all, can you adivse me on brands and part numbers (or similar) for lowering spring options for my new Cube ? Looking to take 40-50mm out of the standard ride height ? thanks so much !!!!
  • Hi lads
    any more additional info on this as im in the same boat myself now im looking for 40 to 50mm drop for my 06 cubic rider, im thinking of putting mini cooper 17s on it i just dont want it to look like a 4x4 when they go on.
  • If you're just looking for springs for that drop you need eibach sportline for k12 Micra. The struts are slightly different so you might want to buy k12 Micra struts too. I didn't though and everything was fine. You might get rubbing with 4 people in car though.
  • I don't know your budget but to be honest 50mm drop is quite a lot so I would have gone down the path of coilovers so you have some flexability.
  • what sort of money are coilovers lads? Im not looking for that low low look just enough to take the horrible 4x4 look off it when i fit the 17s ya know
  • Not cheap but it is all new struts and mountings plus you can adjust as you please :-)
  • jaysus lads i think a set of springs will do me the finest for now im only picking up the car in 4 weeks so dont want to be forking out huge amounts straight away, what springs would be good for everyday driving
  • I grabbed some RS-R SuperDowns ( http://www.rs-r.co.jp/e/script/itemsearch/index.html?CUBE&BZ11&suspension) last year. Finally popped the rears in last weekend. They're supposed to be about a 50mm drop. Turns out way too low on my 2003 BZ11 - rubbed badly on my 17x7.5 +42's even with rolled and flared rear guards.

    Luckily its only about 30 minutes to swap the standard rear springs back in  - and 20 minutes to go order some coil-overs instead :)

    As for the front springs - as usual my top drivers side strut nut is so rusted to the strut shaft that wasn't coming off - so one more excuse for the coilovers insteas - the adjustable height on them being the other.

    So - I'd avoid RS-R SuperDowns if you are wanting any mildly wider wheels/tyres in the future.