CUBE Model Cars?


Does anyone know where you can buy decent model cars of the CUBE?




  • funny you should say that.....

    so far Sarah has got models....

    1/24 (tamiya type model kit), was at japfest and is on a slot-car chassis!
    1/38 (Tomy Tomitech Nissan Cube radio controlled kit),
    1/64 dinky lil diecast cube (i'll have to check the make!), and finally

    1/10 (r/c on a tamiya mini chassis...... :) i'll get her to post pics here or on faceache as it's just about finished!

    the detailings gone a little silly on the 1/10th!!
  • [attachment=15110,383]

    In some countries (NOT the UK) the Nissan dealers were given a big Z12 (3rd Gen Cube) model for showroom display purposes. :P
    I want one of those!

    Sorry I cant tell you anything useful about scale models, but welcome to the forum.
    [i]Which type of Cube do you have in Worksop, is it a new shape Z12 as shown above?
    Or an older shape Z11 like this Fujimi 1/24th scale?
    [url] 1.jpg[/url] [/i]
  • Wow, that Z12 dealer model is brilliant. Wonder if you can get some after market goodies for it :)
  • Don't forget the cheapo Cube model which Nissan created for the Z12 launch -
    you make it yourself from paper or cardboard... :lol:


    or how about a smiley-faced Cube model like this!

    This piccy also got filed on my hard drive as "Cube Model"
    although I realise it's probably NOT what you had in mind :mrgreen:
    :?: :P

    This site has 4 different !:43 scale metal models which look really good?
  • I have seen a few on ebay over the last few months so worth checking there every now and then.
  • i bought this BZ11 cube and these longchamp wheels for it.. will post pics when finished if it does get finished..
    you can also get the EX model. its a fujimi kit. i got it off ebay $32AUD including post the wheels were $7

    [attachment=15341,387] [attachment=15341,388]
  • I would love to get one of those Fujimis.... even the picture on top of the box looks like our Cube.
    Cute.... :oops:

    Thinking of getting the RC-body, and fitting it to my sons RC-tamiya chassis ! :D
  • yeah i want to get the rc car too.. but i already have 2 i dont really use so its hard to justify it to the wife..
  • Managed to buy a J-Collection Pearl White Z12 it's a Kaizen rather then an LDN (Shame!) but it's really good!
    Expensive though£48 ebay!!!
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