[2005] [Air Blue] [Tazbert] - Meet talkie!
  • Finally got round to taking a couple of shots of my Cube while I was outside fiddling with the lights this evening. As a few people I know have referred to it as a 'toaster on wheels', I have christened it 'Talkie' after the annoying character from the Red Dwarf tv series\novels*






    I might change the alloys, not decided yet. The standard ones are growing on me. It won't be lowered though as we've just got far too many bloody speed humps round here. The old man spending several hundred quid to repair suspension damage to his Jag a couple of months back after a particularly nasty encounter made up my mind!

    Might have some vinyl decals added, similar to that Blue Aussie Neo-Classic on here and a new head unit fitted, but apart from that, I doubt I'll fiddle too much!

    *(If you don't have a clue what I'm on about, have a look:
  • Looking nice! i toyed with changing my gen2 alloys but i ended up liking them to much, might look good different colour though! :twisted:
  • Looking nice! i toyed with changing my gen2 alloys but i ended up liking them to much, might look good different colour though! :twisted:
  • Ta. It's very tidy. Been well looked after.

    Yeah, like I say the stocks are growing on me. If I changed wheels, they'd be black. Although toying with the idea of just refurbing what I've got and getting 'em resprayed.
  • New Kenwood head unit fitted at the weekend. DVD, MP3, Bluetooth hands free & streaming, iPod thingies, microwaves pigeons, makes tea.....etc etc. 


    Also had a bloody good service yesterday. Running sweet as a nut now & all set for Czech road trip next week. :)
  • First update in a while! New pics with the couple of recent additions all done.

    New RS Watanabe 15x6.5 alloys complete with centre caps and also wind deflectors added....




    New rubber going on this weekend as a couple of the tyres that came with the wheels will need doing by the next MoT anyway.

    When you drive a toaster, it's only logical that you have a loaf of bread to hand. This is Bernd. He's German, hence the rather stern look on his face. :mrgreen: 


    Just the 'Cube' side graphics to add now, but the weather has been a bit crappy to get those on, so will have to wait. Shame, was hoping to get it sorted for Japfest.
  • Indeed a very tidy Cube, I like those wheels. And Bernd of course. :D
  • Very shiny! Wheels are so nice, liking the centre caps too.

    I just have one question for you....... would you like some toast? :P
  • Sorry, I'm more a teacake man TBH. :)
  • So needs "I toast therefore I am" on a sticker on the back!
  • I have loads of ideas. Just not got round to doing 'em yet. Definitely need to add at least one toast related sticker though as some point. :)
  • Nice, that reminds me of a bread slice urban vinyl figure you can buy.
  • Your cube looks very neat :)
  • Free saturday, nice weather, no wind and the missus is out up town on the piss lunching like what ladies does. So s'pose I better get out and do some work on the car.... 



    Got a stack of stickers from Japfest to put on, but I'm knackered so they can wait. Time for dinner! :)
  • Nice!
    And Bernd das Brot is great :mrgreen:
  • Latest little bit of tinkering! Fitted a stubby 'shark fin' style aerial. Not sure about the shiny black yet, might either respray it matte or maybe same colour as the car as Prof did with his. We'll see....


    Being the idiot that I am, I managed to headbutt my rearview mirror when fiddling about with the above aerial first off yesterday. SNAP! D'oh! :( 


    Tried to glue it with some super strength stuff, but no joy. Quite why Nissan made a part like that with such a weak point is beyond me. Got a new one on order, which is going to cost me the best part of 40 quid (got to buy the whole fuggin assembly. Mirror, the lot. Grrr!). Had to pop down to Halfords for a short term replacement.... 


    Looks shite and isn't quite wide enough, but it'll have to do for a few days!

    Also put on the stickers I got from Japfest a lil' while back & hadn't put pics up. Here they are....


    Jess the cat had to be done. I'm firmly of the school of thought that if you get in first with the self depreciation, people will stop trotting out the same tired old lines. That and my little niece absolutely loves it!

    Decided not to go with the Wakaba leaf as it's so overdone these days. And besides, I'm nearly 40 FFS, so putting a 'new driver' sticker on felt a bit stupid. The Ochiba 'old slow bastard' one was more my style though (although some who know me would reckon the blue & white four leaf clover for 'disabled' would suit better)! 



    Also got a couple still to add ('Nissan' in Japanese script), just not decided where to put them yet.

    Next stage is to spraying the grille & light inserts matte black, plus the surrounds on the rear lights. I don't have a garage or a shed to hand, so need to work out how\when I'm going to do it....
  • i supper glued my mirror back wen i knocked it off
  • This arrived in the post today. Only £6 and came super fast.


    Was planning on doing the grille this weekend, but sadly her ladyship has indicated that I am required to attend a 'baby shower' with her. Whatever the f*ck one of those is. So I'll probably do a dry run of the dismantling bit on sunday & apply the tint to the front indicators before I paint instead of after.

    Also got a scruffy Nissan airbox coming from a breaker. Plan to put it on the car so I can prep & spray mine a nice colour to give under the bonnet some detail. Also plans for a battery box as well.... :)
  • Did the same with my mirror, araldite works just put the middle bit back in place and fill around the edge with it works a treat
  • Yeah, I'm having one last go as resurrecting the mirror this weekend with a serious bit of adhesive. See if I can't save myself almost £40. :roll:
  • Missus was out at a gig with a mate today, so played catchup with the jobs I wanted to do! :)

    Off with the grille.... 


    ....so I could get at the indicators and apply the 'FlyEyes' mesh to tint them. Dead easy to do, even for a 'tard like me! 


    Had loads left over, so did the front sides as well.... 

    ....which look pretty cool when refitted! 


    As it was nice out and I still had bags of daylight left, I got to work with my mini-sander and prepped the grille for it's black satin respray (all those little squares are a sod to get into!). Only took just over an hour, so after a good clean off of all the crap got a good coat of primer on too. Whoop!


    Couple of tiny patches that'll need a rub down and another coat, but pretty pleased overall for my first bit of rattle can work! :)

    Got all tidied up & was all settled for a quiet evening when just before 9, her ladyship called. Her ride home from her gig in Brixton hadn't made it and she wanted to know if I could pick her up from Croydon later. PANIC! So it was back out into the fading daylight to re-fit the grille (it had thankfully had several hours to dry so should be ok) and the indicators so I had a functioning motor to go play taxi a bit later on. Looks quite funny with the grey primered grille. :mrgreen:


    Will hopefully attack it with the sander and primer again tomorrow after work to get the prep all finished. Then I've
    got tuesday off for my birthday, so weather permitting it'll be 1 coat of black in the morning, then do a second one late on and let it go off overnight before fitting weds nite after work.

    If I can, I'm also going to try & do the inserts in the lights. Fingers crossed it all looks good when done!
  • Taz, don't put on a top coat, and then another coat later on after the 1st has dried. It won't bond properly. I'd suggest maybe 6 - 8 coats as it takes alot of impacts from stones and bugs. Leave 10 mins between thin coats (so should take 60 - 80 mins). With top coat, the coat needs to be tacky so that the next layer of paint sticks to it, just like when you glue something and put it on other pieces to be glued. The only way you should put another top coat on after it's dried is if you wet sand it flat and then spray again. You won't get a very good finish otherwise bud, and the tiniest impacts will take the paint off.
  • Ok, cheers for the tips Fil. Will bear that in mind!
  • Had a day off today (I do not work on my birthday!) and went round to see the folks first thing. Also had an ulterior motive as I wanted to use their back garden and pop up gazebo as a painting canopy. :)

    Using Fil's recommended method from above, I slowly built up the coats. Did it over about an hour and a half with no more than 10 mins between. Got about 10 on there in the end before the paint ran out.


    Left it hanging for most of the day to dry. Unfortunately I had to refit it before I came home a little while ago, but I've put a cover on the car tonight to keep it dry in case it rains.

    Not a bad finish TBH. Especially for simple Halfords rattle can. Glad I went for satin black instead of matte too. I prefer the look. Badge back on outside mine before applying a cover for the night (I'm off out to get beered up, so no need for it this evening!). 


    Just need to find a couple of days where I can have it off the road so I can do the headlight inserts. Thankfully they won't need as many coats as the grille, so should be a bit easier.

    My new light stalk arrived today from Japan, so will get that done in the next week or so. Got some mudguards coming too. And then next up is a stainless exhaust and paint the airbox.

    So not much really. Ahem.
  • Tidy job that! just finished 2.5 yr contract so finally will get some time to myself and aim to get my 626 grille fitted this week! Good pointers! 8)
  • Cheers! It seems this weekend will be a bit of a doss as well, so I'll be having those lights off friday eve after work and trying to get the basic prep work done so I can primer it first thing sat and finish off Sunday.

    Rear muds arrived this morning too (C'mon fronts, hurry up!). So can hopefully get them prepped as well. Need to phone Mr Paint man up north to get some rattle cans to match the car too....
  • The grill work looks great. :)
  • That looks mean Taz! good job. One thing to take on board is that solvent based paints can take up to 2 weeks to cure fully (may feel dry to the touch but will be wet under that very top layer.) Finger prints can be left in the paint if pressure is applied, it stays very soft for a while. I left my dash off my car for 10 days before fitting. Try to avoid motorways if you can for a few days. You don't want bugs or stones ruining your hard work straight away. Also, after 2 weeks, get some rubbing compound on it and polish it in, will leave a very smooth even finish and remove any "orange peel" or uneven-ties in the paint. Looks lovely jubly though.
  • Yeah, I know they take a lil' while to fully cure. Sadly the car gets used most days, so can't have the front off that long (might have been different if the indicators weren't part of the unit). But not due on any motorways for a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed it should be ok. Pleased with the result though, for a first attempt.

    Dash is a bit different as you can use the car for a few days with that off, which is what I'll do when I paint mine up (don't like the beige!).

    Will look into the rubbing compound. Cheers for the tip.

    The more I look at the pic, the more I'm determined to do those lights!!
  • Either that or tint your lights? Make it look even MORE mean!...And this thread has just reminded me, I need to fit my new drivers side mirror, after painting them black. Thanks for that mental memory gland stimulation ...
  • Yeah, I was mulling over getting more flyeyes and doing the headlights like Prof did on here with the resurrected 'Cubed#1'. It's what I used on my indicators, they were dead easy to apply.

    Think I'll do the inserts, see what they're like and go from there.
  • The grill is looking good, under an hour prep is impressive considering the number of square holes!
  • Cheers! The secret to quick prep is a Black & Decker 'Mouse'. Little hand sander that has all sorts of little attachments that let you get into gaps like Cube grilles. ;)

    Doing the lights today, hopefully have pics up tomorrow once all reassembled....
  • Grille etc all finished.

    Got out of work early yesterday. So.....yoink!


    Lights off, got the heat gun on the pods and popped 'em open. Even had time to get a couple of coats of primer on the inserts before it went dark.

    Up this morning, gazebo up to keep me dry if the rain came and zapped 4 coats of the ol' satin. Left the bits to dry all day while I tinkered with other bits (new bulbs etc). Then gently re-assembled the pods about 6pm and got everything back on the car.



    Looks SO much better than the old grey colour now it's done. Really chuffed!

    Finally, got to say a HUGE thanks to Cubed. Without his fiddling and superb documentation of his own pimpage, I'd never have been able to do this with as little hassle as I have. Cheers mate!!
  • Watch out for mr cubed, he will fill your mind with nawty thoughts and make you do mods that wife/girlfriend will not compute! :lol: Good work fella!
  • I break things so others don't have to. :D
  • Pah! All you people spending money on expensive sports exhausts to make your toasters go 'Bwaaaah'. No need!

    You just have to wait until you hear a strange 'clonk' sound when braking and then find that CRD14E is a bit noiser than it was before you braked!  D'oh! 



    Annoyingly, this happened 5 mins into a 170-odd mile hike to the Nottingham area. Still, it's an easy fix for a former Mongol Rallier like me. Just turned the stereo up! ;)

    Was planning on getting a stainless system very soon anyway, but looks like I'll be popping down to my mechanic for a little bit of a patch up job to get me by until the end of the month at least.....

  • That is exactly where mine went
  • Hard luck. Just make sure the back box and/or tip can't separate again and cause either part to rest on the back bumper or any plastic. It will melt it to bits. I know from experience on an old car unfortunately.
  • Nah, well clear of the plastic thankfully.

    Judging from Paul's post, seems this might be one to add to the 'faults' list with the rusty spare wheel well. ;)
  • Well, I got that noisy exhaust fixed!


    By.....uh.....getting a brand new slightly noisy exhaust fitted to replace it. Ahem.


    Got it fitted today at Longlife, just up the road from me. £329 for the lot. Sorted. Makes a nice little burble when you accelerate, so just right. Already got a couple of looks off people hearing it, turning and doing a double take as they were no doubt expecting to see [insert name of common as much hatchback here] and not some strange Jap toaster.  :P
  • I need an exhaust that stick up... As my body kit has an upwards angled gap that is at present.. unfilled... Your kit has no place for an exhaust to poke out! hmm?image
    556 x 508 - 185K
  • My front/rear bumpers are standard ones and the stock exhaust was at the same height, just the tail was pointing down so was hidden. 

    I think your kit is the same as HillandSky's, but I don't recall him having quite such a pronounced gap for an exhaust. Fairly sure his had more of a subtle 'scoop' feature to accommodate a pipe rather than that.

    Have a look at his build thread. Should be able to tell from the rear view when he did his lights.....
  • Nice, is that the one on the way to Sutton? I had the exhaust done on my NX there.
  • Yeah, it's the one out the back of the petrol station with the Veedub garage.
  • Psychedelic and hillsky have the anniversary addition cubes with front, rear and side skirts and different grille. One lives near me. They are like the love child of a bog standard cube and a rider. They look great!
  • hillandsky has let me know his scoop is a bit different, as you say taz... more subtle.

    I agree fil, I remember though when the Rider came out in JP with all the chrome and the spoiler thinking it was a more aggressive posture somehow...and I love 'em

    In JP the kit we've got was known as the aerosports version... I've got the pic on my computer somewhere.

    Fil I'm interested in your black bonnet.. I'm thinking of getting my bonnet and roof done in a black wrap... maybe carbon fibre style (?) is yours a paint job?
  • Also Taz.. I notice you did the Mongol Rally! I went to art school with Tom the founder... do you know him?
  • Perodua Nippa FTW!


    I am indeed familiar with Mr Tom (to give him his official Rally title). He's a bit mad in a wonderfully British way and knows how to throw a party. Nice bloke. 

    The guy now running the Rally side of their adventures (Rob) is a mate as well. Did it same year as me in 2009. There's also a couple of other mates from my year involved with the Adventurists down in Bristol. 

  • My bonnet is colour coded to the grille and headlight surrounds (gun metal grey) and is painted. Think it looks better than black but each to their own. A wrap would be better though!
  • Doing bonnet AND roof black would look awesome! And do the mirrors black too!
  • As mentioned elsewhere, I've decided to go for a slightly more JDM look on the toaster. And here's the first step.....


    Twenty quid all in from Canada. Genuine Jap JAF grille badge. Just got to track down all those bloody stickers now. :)

    Will post pics when I've fitted it.
  • Love it :-bd
  • I have bonnet, wing mirrors and fog light surrounds wrapped in black and they look fab! Would certainly reccomend it, keeps all the stone chips away too! If youre anywhere near Southampton i know a great guy who will come to you to do it! x
  • Time for a lil' update methinks. Not much, but something! :)

    Finally managed to get my JAF badge fitted and avoided frostbite in the process....

    Also decided I fancy a change of look a bit. So managed to source a pair of the clear crystal lights from the '07 facelift models for a relatively cheap price. Coming in 2 parts (don't ask!), so got the first one cleaned up and tinted with Fly Eye tonight. Will test fit this week to see what it looks like.


    Also got a little fund going so I can afford to invest in a 2007 fracelift front end, lights & grille at some point (hopefully!) soon. Not gonna be cheap though.

    More pics to follow once I get my 2nd tail light and fitted!
  • At last! Nice weather! So it's test fit of the light.....


    Then onto fitting the new light stalk I've had for donkeys.....


    Which then led to....WORKING FOG LIGHTS!!!


    It's only been nearly 2 years! :)

    Just waiting on my other tail light to arrive. Have also ordered a set of headlights from a facelift cube and a grille to follow, to give the front end a new look. Won't be here for a few weeks tho.....
  • when you say face lift is that a 06 or 08 ?


  • Going for an '08 front, with the oval headlights.
  • You gonna change the bumper too ?
  • Nah. Gonna leave as is.
  • How hard are the spotlights to source and fit? The Cube I'm getting has the black plastic covers where the spotlights go and I'd like to swap them out for spots if its fairly straight forward to do.
  • Ps. She's an Air Blue too, put a deposit down this week
  • The spotlights are a doddle to fit. The loom etc is already there, so just plug in. Getting them to work from inside the car will be the pain though as you'll have no switch for them.

    Mine came with fogs fitted, but had no way of working them. So I guessed the guy who imported it had added them after it arrived here in the UK as there was no switch on the stalk for fogs. Looked like they had been wired (or attempted to!) onto the same switch as the rear too, but not worked out. In the end I sourced a new light stalk from Japan, whipped off the steering cover and once plugged in, they worked straight away.

    As for sourcing the lights, I'd look for a breaker or maybe have a look at a set for a Micra\Move see if they're the same (quite likely).

    For reference, this is what they look like....

  • When you say no switch, were they just on all the time?
  • Nah, the opposite. Never worked! The pic you see above is the first time I've had them working since I got the car in July 2011. :)
  • Woo hoo! My other tail light arrived today, so now I have a set. Time to get it tinted with the flyeye stuff and on the car for this weekend. \m/

  • New rear lights, all done! 


    Next up are 2 cans of black 'plastidip' to recoat the front grille as the paint still looks ok, but has got a couple of chips. And I don't have time to rub down and re-spray the whole thing! Also got some blue stuff coming so I can finally do my airbox. If I can get the chuffer off without killing all the bolts that is. 

    Lights and new grille shipped too from Jap. Only 6 weeks to wait til they get here! BOOOOO! :-w
  • Wont make it for japfest then :P
  • Nah. The grille won't sadly. Should be done in time for Bromley though. :)
  • Good stuff. Are you heading to Japfest on Friday or Saturday morning?
  • Friday for me mate. Going to head to Bristol and catch up with a couple of mates over a pint. Staying about 20 mins from the services. 
  • Bit more fiddling! Decided to tint the front fogs to make 'em more interesting. Managed to get them done without making a total mess of it. Quite chuffed with myself!


    Don't look too bad on the car either. Even if I say so myself!


    And having spent some time tidying up the fogs themselves, it was time to have a look at the covers. When the fogs were fitted, the car obviously came with the factory covers. And to use them, the person doing the fitting did a bit of a hatchet job and they look crap. Just trying to tidy them up with a bit of rubber strip off an old Mini....


    Scruffy butchered one on the left, smarter rubber trimmed one on the right. Looks much better. Will wait until I tart up the lower part of the grille before I fit them though.....
  • Its a bit of a pain to get it to mould to the shape isnt it. Yours look like a neater job then mine! Did you use the heat gun to mould it?
  • Yeah. I think I got a bit lucky! Managed to get it on without massive creases and then eased the worst out with the heat gun. The gun definitely helped though with smoothing it out.

    Annoyingly my plastidip didn't show up, so can't do the grille this weekend. Boooo. :(
  • Hi do you mind if i ask where you got your lights from ? rear ones i mean !
  • Got 'em through one of those Yahoo.jp fronts. They basically show Jap auctions from Yahoo in english and act as the middle man to take delivery for you and then ship 'em on. I've used both www.nengun.com and www.importmonster.com.au

    Both Aussie firms, but both have offices in Japan. Nengun is the cheaper when it comes to commission and being a large firm, they have a commercial account with FedEx, which means you can have bits like the lights in 7 days from when they get them for about £20 delivery. But their selection doesn't seem that huge.

    ImportMonster has a better selection of stuff & the site is a bit simpler\easier to use, but they charge more commission than Nengun and their shipping isn't the cheapest as they seem to only use Japan Post.

    A set like mine will most likely cost you about £60-80. But then you'll probably pay close to that again in shipping and VAT. :)

  • Not updated in a while!

    Decided to pay a bit of attention to under the bonnet for a change. Bit of vinyl and some simple wrapping brightens up the fuse\ECU panel a treat.

    And back on the car.....

    Then got a battery cover off eBay. Meant to be for a 200SX, but after measuring up, found it fitted a Cube with minimal faffing. Ok, so it's not a Lego or a Rubiks Cube, but it's a start!

    Thing is, I don't really like chrome. So it's back to my old cheap mate, vinyl! Wrapped in light blue to match the car.


    Hoping to have the remaining new facelift headlight next week or so, so looking to get that sprayed up and on the car whilst this nice weather lasts!
  • Frustrating day today. First off, despite getting my new facelift front completed, I couldn't get it onto the car. The facelift lights are much bigger and getting them in place is impossible without removing\dropping the front bumper. And I've got the skinned knuckles\scratches to prove it! 


    Never had the bumper off mine before, so rather than increase my rage at the Japanese race and the people who work for Nissan in particular by trying to get it off and shearing a couple of bolts, I've soaked them in WD40 and will do it each day this week ready to make another attempt next weekend.

    As it went, this was about as much progress as I made.....


    Just to top off my wasted day, I also managed to lose my rear number plate whilst out on an errand later. 

    Properly sulking this afternoon! 
  • Did you manage to get your lights and grill to fit ?
  • Not yet. Simply haven't had time sadly. :(
  • Too busy football sticker spotting around Europe. ;)
  • Haha. Part of the delay might have been down to boozing and other distractions. Yes. :)

    Plus I'm prioritising the eradication of BLOODY SQUEAKING!  :-L
  • Hey Tazbert can you tell us where did you get those facelift headlights+grill and how much did you pay?
  • The parts were sourced from a mix of Nengun and ImportMonster who act as a front end on the Japanese Yahoo auction site. Overall though, I'd say allow £300 for the bits and shipping. Plus the removal of your front bumper to get 'em fitted. ;)

    Things to watch out for are the lights tend to be missing the surrounds on the auctions, which are a bastard to source seperately from the auctions. So I'd suggest trying to get a full set. If not, you can get 'em from Amayama.com, but it'll be another £50+

    Also be careful on the lights themselves as there are actually 2 versions. One that takes the standard bulb etc and also an HID version. If you end up with the latter you can't use them with the standard setup as they're very different at the back and in the reflector. Trust me on this.  #-o
  • Lots of caveats. Seems like nissan really don't want you cheating lol..Think I will just settle with heat gunning the headlights to spray them matte black.
  • The Flyeye stuff you used on ur lights....is that black 1 or black 2? Trying to decide which one to go for! :D
  • Ummmm. Pretty sure I went with Black 2 Jemz, but it's a while ago now! :)

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