Cube Rear Door (Cube Gen3)
  • The rear door of Cube has a problem in that the door hinges will spit out a black spray onto the white paint.
    This was due to the hinge having a large force unpon it's hinge - the black spot's turned out to be metal from the hinge.
    The remedy is regular oiling the hinge pivot with a heavy duty gear oil (EP90) this will cure the problem.
  • Thanks for sharing the tip and welcome to the site. :)
  • I had a Cube in 2010 and 'SOLD IT' !!!  Why I do not know. - but, I am thinking of buying another Gen 3 Cube.
    I have been trying to find what colours they brought in, but, I can't find any information.
    Have anybody any idea's?
  • I've not heard of any issues with door hinges at all, I regularly oil all my hinges though anyway. Regarding colours see your other post :-bd