Japanese Cubic and UK accessories


Could somebody help me?

I have a 2005 Z11 Cubic and I would like to know if the UK available genuine Nissan Cube rubber mats and boot liner will fit a Japanese Cube3.

Any help will be appreciated.




  • Welcome!

    New cube mats from a gen3 (2010) should fit a gen2 (2005) IMOP as same set up floorpan wise, boot liner may not as my new cube boot is rounder to the rear so may be a bit squished in the corners. Mats are about £35-£40 from nissan dealers (mine were anyway)but are proper carpet type not rubber if that helps? 8)
  • <P>Hi Eurobob, sorry it took so many years to say THANKS! </P>
    <P>I bought one as you suggested from a Nissan dealer.</P>
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