Nissan cube cubic mpg???
  • Hi guys i'm new to the club. i am from London and not much people have cubes here, i think!?
    just like to know what mpg do you guys get on your cubes and cubic? is 170 miles on a full tank is that normal?
    you guys have some nice looking cubes here. :D
  • hi Kingkong,welcome to the forums :) as for mileage/fuel our beloved Eurobob is a master on this matter,so lets hope he reads it :)

    also post up some photos of your cube,would be nice 2 see :)

  • Hi there, I get an average of 250 miles to a full tank, biggest thing I notice is that the tank is quite samll at 41L.
    I have just put together an Execl speadsheet to log my fuel consumption which I will be trying out this week and if it works as I plan then I will post it up here for others to use.

    Here is a link to Cube info, including Fuel Consumption.
  • For some reason I've been getting really good consumption lately. A full tank (approx 35 litres) gets me about 320 miles. Compared to the 260-280 I used to get with 17" wheels (I have the factory 15"'s on now). Oh and I've just serviced it. :)
  • I have a free iPhone app (Road Trip LE) on which I log my details every time I fill up.

    Since April I've been averaging 36.69mpg

    Getting an average 257.6 miles per tank.

    Despite the fuel tank theoretically taking 41 litres, on average I only get just under 32 litres in when I fill up. So there must be about 9 litres of fuel in it even when the fuel light comes on. I suppose it's reassuring to know you could probably go another 70+ miles before you absolutely conked out.

    Best I've managed so far is 39mpg. Still looking for that elusive 40mpg...
  • Driven mine on fumes, best ive had was 320-330 miles last year (40mpg ish) with frugal driving! 39 litres max in tank i find when really empty? tank may be lil bigger on my 1.5 CVT (2006)??.

    K&N filter and roof rack/basket has knocked me down to 300-310 miles a tank now, even after a full service and cruising at 65mph!! :twisted:
  • Eurobob, the tank is a bit bigger on the 1.5s, 45 litres to the 1.4's 41 litres.

    I've got a week in France soon, so maybe some steady cruising there will give me that 40mpg...
  • Exel fuel consumption logger attacehed
  • Ok ZIPed version this time not RAR.
  • Ok ZIP not working either????
  • How big is it?
  • Zip file is 12Kb
  • Thanks for all the replys. i must have some problem with my cube. i only get max 180 miles on a full tank, any idea what problem do i have??? do you drive till the petrol light shows and fill up or do you drive past the light shows and fill up. it is very nice talking to all you cube members, don't know anyone here in london that has a cube so it's had to ask someone if i had a problem with the car.
  • I do 115 miles a day to and form work and fill up every other day. So I usual watch the trip meter for range, but I'm probably about 10 to 15 miles in on the refuel light before I re-fill, as I will go to the same petrol station to refuel (best for price and pionts).
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  • hi guys 8) so does anyone know what problem i have with my cube?? it seems like everyone is getting min 250 miles on the tank! hmmm..... i seem to feel the cube has gone slower. my girlfriend's brother siad it might be the clutch has worn thats why the cube is not picking up speed like it use to and not giving as much mpg.
  • I would be VERY surprised if it was the clutch! The Cubes are automatic and don't have a clutch. Has the car been serviced recently? Maybe try renewing gearbox oil, check none of the brakes are sticking.
  • I agree, servicing (just done mine) and a lighter foot may be the answer, im very anal and try to keep revs between 2500-3000 max! Its not millenium falcon speed i know (65 mph ish) but its gets you the 300 miles a tank! (and thats with my roof basket and boot full of gear!). I see so many close calls on the motorways i prefer live in the slow lane now!!!
    Ive done 2000 miles in last two weeks back and forth exeter and generaly get 75 miles a quarter, 150 miles at half etc, although the needle/gauge is not linear i find so seems to go slower as it gets to empty!!

    Try the eurobob 2500 revs challenge today! and win a teddy bear from the bottom shelf! (larger bears on top shelf requires a 1000 miles to a tank!) :D
  • Change engine oil and oil filter. If You dont know when done...
    Also airfilter & sparkplugs, especially airfilter is very important for fuel consumption figures.

    I live in London too,with our cube.I do see them occasionally.But yes, they are rare.
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  • Finally did it! Busted the 40mpg ceiling (41.5mpg) whilst in France this past week!

    Lots of relaxed 60mph cruising and no stop/start driving. The smooth roads probably helped too!

    Now if I can just maintain that driving mentality on UK roads...
  • Good skills! You will be as bad as me soon (2700 rpm is the new black!) :D
    How many miles in total you do in the cube? 97 or 95 ron in froggieland? 8)
  • Eurobob: Didn't do too many miles actually as was only on the Cherbourg peninsula with friends. Had a nightmare journey over as ferry from Poole was cancelled and had to drive to Portsmouth instead very early on Sunday morning, so absolutely thrashed the Cube to get there in time, resulting in a 34.1mpg! But a fill up on the Monday followed by the steady driving (flowing A type roads, light traffic) got me my 41.5mpg in 180 miles over the week. Filled it up before getting the fuel light on. Just the usual 95 ron.

    Was a bloody shock coming back to London from Portsmouth on a Friday afternoon with the traffic, rain and Hindhead tunnel roadworks. The holiday's definitely over...
  • I've got a useful Android phone app called Fuelage that allows me to keep track of MPG. Of course, although I still think in terms of MPG, the 1.4 Cube works in KM, and pumps work in Litres, so I needed something to take km/l and convert to mpg..

    In the month I've had the car (an '04 1.4), I've done 1962km and used 178.2l fuel at a cost of £208 (yikes). This is mostly stop/start town driving with daily 13 mile each way commute along the busy M27. Most times it takes 31-31.5 litres to fill the tank once the reserve light comes on. Generally I get around 400km on a tank, or 250 miles.

    This works out at 37.8mpg, or 7.47l/100km. Not brilliant, but pretty impressive considering the size / weight / aerodynamics of the car vs the small engine..

    As Jason says above, to get reasonable consumption, it's a case of:
    a)not cruising at too high a speed (i.e. keep it around an indicated 70pmh, around 62 actual in my case) - fuel consumption drops dramatically as you try and push a big box through air at higher speeds,
    b) don't try and accelerate too quickly - the automatic gearbox, heavy weight and small engine drinks fuel if you try and drive it like a sportscar. Just let it pick up speed in it's own time. If you wanted a fast car, you wouldn't have bought a Cube, eh?

    The best thing about driving more slowly, apart from being police friendly when you've got 9 points on your licence ;-) is that everyone who drives past on the motorway stares and smiles..

  • Was in Skye last month for a week's walking and managed a whopping 47mpg when cruising back through Scotland. Flowing single carriage way roads and light traffic meant I was just cruising, barely touching 60mph. Spike your findings are almost identical to mine (my average is currently 37.2mpg). Last month I did a trip to Cornwall as well as my marathon trip to Skye (13 hour drive, me doing all the driving as my girl has virtually given up on driving...). Spent over £450 on fuel in September!!!

    Yeah, slow motorway driving does give you a good chance to watch people gawping at you 8O You get the classic long look over the left shoulder from passengers :lol: