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My Cube had suffered rear bumper damage. Its been in body repair shop for 3 weeks. came to collect it today. They said the engine management warning light has come on and it will not rev above 2,000. I told them this is the first time it had happened. They got Auto electrician in and he came up with fault codes U1001, U100, P1123. He cleared all the codes and it was running ok. I came to collect it and the engine management warning light has come back on and will not rev above 2,000. The repair shop are going to get the electrictian to come back in the morning and see if he can sort it it out. Has anybody experienced this problem. :'(


  • This is from another site:
    The U1000 and U1001 mean that there is no communication between the engine control unit and another control units that are part of the CAN system (Controller Area Network) or that at some point there was no communication. Before do any repairs with the U1000 and U1001 codes, the factory recommend repairing any other problems in the car. What are the other codes that you had?

    Also, make sure the battery charge is correct and the ECM connector is install correctly.

    I will search the other code for you too.
  • That codes a hard one, as it means different things for different manufactures. For Nissan, it means: ETC MOT RLY/CIRC. Which makes sense in relation to your other codes. It looks like your ECU is either disconnected or damaged somehow.

    For other manufactures, the code is related to the accelerator pedal position module or the MAF sensor.

    If I were you, I would check all the fuses, especially the motor Fuse. Also check that the engine block is grounded correctly.

    Hope this helps.
  • thanks for your replys. Before I collected the car from the body shop today, they charged the battery, cleared all the codes went for a run and it seemed ok. I collected the car went round the corner to the petrol station, put petrol in it, came to start it put it in gear and the engine management warning light came on and it would not rev, I limped back to the Body shop. They are puzzled what to do next. They said they would get it sent to the Nissan main dealer to see if they can sort it out. Now I do not know if this is related but when cold it seemed a bit notchy when going from Park to drive. Any ideas?
  • Did you tell them what the codes may mean?
  • Yes I told them, but been a body shop only, they are a bit out of their depth with this one. They had to get outside mechanic in to reset the codes, he came up with throttle sensor fault. So we will see what Nissan make of it.

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  • Nissan dealer is also stumped, they say it is different to a Micra, so they can not read the codes to find out whats wrong. So if they can not help whats next? I will have to see what the body repair shop say tomorrow.
  • is there some way you can see if the engine has a ground fault?
    What have they actually checked for?
    Is the ECU plugged into the main wiring harness?
    I fall seems ok, then its a process of elimination. Get a new throttle positioning sensor. A micra one should work.
  • I have been to the Body Shop today (Monday) and my Cube was sat there. Went to reception upon they told me Nissan could not do anything and the garage where I bought the Cube from (previous importers of Cubes in Bradford)do not want to know. I told them the all above info. They have had their mobile guy out again and it is now coming up with fault code P1122 ETC Function Circuit. The body shop are going to get in touch with Japanese Importers on Maningham Lane to see if they can help. Oh by the way the car has now got a scratch on the front bumper which the Body Shop is going to have to sort. I will keep you posted of further developments.
  • what a pain in the f*cken arse!
  • Further info, the body shop has phoned to say they can not sort it, It has been to more garages and they can do nothing. Tommorow the body shop is to phone Nissan UK then get back to me. I phoned the insurance company to inform them of the situation, they are going to inform their engineer to see what he can do. I am begining to think my cube maybe be written off all because no one can sort it. So we will see what happens over the next few days.
  • Interesting one... the fault code suggests that the TPS has gone down. If that is the case there will be a lack of throttle response from about 2000 rpm.

    There should be no reason why Nissan can not plug it in and do a full diagnostic check as the engine and a lot of other components are shared with other cars in the Nissan range, the fact that it is all wrapped in a body shell that was never on a UK car should make no difference.

    But.. that said it is not uncommon for main dealers to fob you off when you present them with an import. It's not just Nissan that do that, we find that most of them are the same.

    Back to getting you mobile again.. ..... .. . .

    If you get no joy from the bodyshop / Nissan dealer then look around your area for an independent tuning specialist, someone with full diagnosits on site or even a rolling road tuning company should be able to help as they will no doubt have experience of Jap imports and will have diagnostic equipment and software available.

    If the TPS is the fault then a new one could well cure the problem. I have an almost complete Cube here that is being broken for parts so I may be able to help with spares.

    It may be worth going back to basics.. i.e check all the multiplugs on the wiring, check for loose or damaged connectors etc.. may sound silly but we have seen a few Nissan Largos in at work that apparently needed a new alternator but it was a broken wire on one multiplug causing the fault.. a free fix (bar an hours labour or so..).

    It's not unknown for a bodyshop to accidently disconnect something or plug something in wrong.. We sent a customer to a local bodyshop for a repair on a little front end knock and the car came back running really rough... a bit of checking found the air flow meter put in the wrong way round.... easy mistake but caused rough running and lack of power, it was only noticed as there was an arrow on the AFM to indicate which way it went in but that had been overlooked.

    Hope this helps...

  • JDM cars are not OBD complient, so it is very possible the a nissan dealer wont have the proper diagnostic tools to fix it. With that said, I still think its going to turn out to be a very simple problem, like a stuffed sensor or MAF.
    There is no reason why they can't get parts off a micra and work it out through a process of elimination.
  • Thanks for all your suggestions. I have seen on the internet that Elams of Mirfield import Japanese cars including the Cube and have a workshop, so I have sent a e mail to the bodyshops head office, if they pass it on. we will see what happens
  • Right the Cube has been to Elams of Mirfield. They were very helpful. changed over parts including TPS because they have a Cube for sale and used parts from that. Still no luck, they say it's pointing the ECU been faulty. Its now back at Nationwide, they have tried various companies who supply ECU's or repair them including RBA Remain but to no avail. They are now waiting for Nissan UK to get back to them to see how much a new would cost if you can get one and if you get one does it need programing to the car? If they can't get one it may mean the end of the road for the cube. :cry:
  • what about the dude who broke up a cube on here, the black one? he might be selling the ecu? try a search of the forum. hope you get it fixed soon :(
  • Go to Japan auctions in Yahoo.
    I came across a couple of ECU for as little as 80AUD.

    A new one would cost an arm and a leg!
  • Surely the ECU is same as K12 micra.
  • If we could find that out it would be a great help.

    I'm getting the VIN number for the cube in morning and registering with dealers in town. Hopefully then they can parts match etc. But I'm just hoping really!!! lol :lol:
  • Latest news a new ECU has been ordered from Japan. I will get to know early part of next week if it is available on it is on back order. If avaliable it will take up to 3 weeks to arrive volcanic ash clouds permiting. TO BE CONTINUED
  • Do you have the part number on your current ECU ?
  • I don't have the part number of my current ECU. Is it written on the ECU? If so I can nip accross to the garage to get it. :?:
  • Yep, The part number will be in the ECU. There will be a sticker with a Hitachi / Nissan part number on it. :-)
  • Been across to the garage, the person dealing with it was out, when he comes back he will contact me with the number. So when I get it I will put it on the post.(why I could not get the number I do not know)
  • Cool... in the meantime I'll pop along to the storage unit and see what the ECU part number is on my black Cube.
  • The garage has not got back to me (Iam not suprised) so I will wait until the area manager contacts me on Tuesday about the ECU to see if it is avaliable from Japan and not on back order. If it is avaliable it will take up to 3 weeks to arrive(glad I am not paying) Just seen on E Bay another Cube for sale that has gone into Limp Mode and will not rev above 2000 revs, he has temperture problems. :roll:
  • I have my Cube back complete with new ECU after 4 months. But I have lost the Auto control of door mirrors any ideas. I supose it is linked to the ECU?
  • The door mirrors should be separate from the ECU. I would think that they have their own control module on the drivers side. Check the wring to see if they have plugged it back in or check the fuse box to see if it is blown.
  • Everything is now working ok. Many thanks to everbody for your input on this matter.
  • Just been told that the cost of the ECU was £1,600 plus VAT. It was a brand new one from Nissan Japan. Ouch!! Glad I did not pay for it. Surely if the ECU goes faulty you should be able to get repaired or a replacement unit in the UK at a lower cost. I tried to get the old ECU but the garage had thrown it away and could not help me.
  • I need nissan cube ecu, model 2008, chassis no Z12-003574,
    ECU part no A56-D70 TN7 8Y05
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