DVD players, Sat Nav systems, In car computers!

Hey there everyone, Im wondering doo cubes come with anything along the lines of, dvd players, sat nav systems and or in car computer systems ? If not, are there any products out there that are specifically for cubes like this ? I know ive seen a pic of a cube with what appeared too bee a screen in the cd players place on the dash but im unsure what it was ?

Cheers 8-)


  • I'm sure some will come fitted with the Nissan Carwings satnav, must be an option in Japan.
    But that won't work over here...
  • I have this one in my cube - [url:2988c]http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/5810/referer/rc_froogle.html[/url:2988c]
    It does EVERYTHING haha.

    It was fitted after import when under A1 Cube's ownership.

    It's a perfect fit and because of the cube's dashboard it's at the perfect height and angle.
  • Ahh cool dude! 8-) Thats the kinda thing i was talking about, and why dont the japanese things work over here ( carwings ) ?
  • Don't quote me but I think it might be because it's an over the air updated system which doesn't exist in the UK?

    Oh, here's a rough pic of my dash -
  • I see I see, thats very nice mate! Nice and subtle i can see why you chose it! Was it a perfect fit into the dash ?
  • Lots of the Japanese ones have DVD's or whatever they are. In among my service history were a couple of bills and mine originally had one too. My Japanese friend translated it for me. A student had owned it and probably kept it for his next car...
    I know the regular radios are no good because apparently their "band" ratios are way at the other end to ours......we may get perhaps a couple of channels to play but that's all.

    Love Lynda XX
  • Yep, mine has the DNX 7200 too... its rockin but just like most people who don't use all the functions on their fancy mobile phones, I'm pretty sure I have yet to discover some tricks the 7200 is capable of! The book is just too much hardwork, its like a yellow pages!
  • Any help with where to start with removing the dash to get the stereo out please?
  • Take out the ashtray. There's two screws. Take those out and gently prise the facia away from the bottom. Should be able to pop it all the way up then.<div><br></div><div>Don't pull it completely away, you'll need to unplug the cig lighter connection at the bottom and the hazard light connection at the top (and the button for the CVT box if you have it) first. Once done, you'll be able to unscrew the cage that holds the stereo.</div>
  • Would have thought it's a standard sized double din head unit and so any aftermarket double din unit would screw in. Opens up any aftermarket DVD/satnav head unit option but you may need a harness converter or to get handy with a soldering iron to make it all work. Other option would be to pick up one of the satnav heads out of the current Nissan models. They came in the gen 3 kaizen but the same unit is used for all sorts of other nissan's and then you could add the iPod interface and maybe even the reversing camera!
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    I'd put a 7 in tablet in there in place of double din radio.
    I think someone on cubelife or you tube has done it and looks well. The gen 3 nissan connect units personally I think aren't up to much but hats just my opinion
    I agree with terry that it'll b standard dbl din port.
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