i want that one - n'ice man !

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  • Wow how cool is that. Loving the steering wheel.
  • Cubfigs wifey Chris here, I'm lovin it, Rich thinks its horrible
  • I love it, like a little space ship!
    I don't much like all the circles, especially the headrests.
    You don't have to reinvent everything just for the sake of it.
    I think the onboard computer did it for me, big geek that I am. :D
  • It,s wacky,too much going on for me :?
  • i won't one i won't one NNNNNNNOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X-D X-D X-D X-D X-D
  • Love those headlights! Somebody make them NOW!
  • I love the interior but think the exterior's horrible !! And they've swapped the wraparound window across along with the steering !!

    Love Lynda XX :?
  • Interior... awesome...

    Exterior.... hmmmmm....

    I like Cubie's face... this one looks like a robot
  • That's awesome!
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